Spring… soon

After a long (and I mean long) winter, the snow is melting away. The energy and motivation for more photography is raising every day. A lot of ideas and plans for projects and trips, hopefully several of them will manifest into something. First out is some days in London late April, and the theme for this trip is “street-photography”. Several models have chosen to come to Norway during the summer, and I hope to make plans with a couple of them. Other plans involve smoke-grenades, lightsabers and more :) 

Since last post our family grew bigger with the inclusion of yet another maine-coon kitten. Meet Osiris:

Oh well, thats it for now, thanks for reading!

Happy New Year !

Happy 2018!

New year, new photos to be made. Before 2017 came to an end, I was booked for a few different jobs. Portrait, family and a fun band-shoot for “Sonic Debris” with an 80`s twist. A large print from one of my fine-art-nudes was also sent to a new owner i Denmark. Always a nice compliment when people want to have my work on the wall. 

Plans for 2018 so far includes a workshop in Oslo with Denisa Strakova and a visit from a spanish model late january, a trip to London with focus on streetphotography and hopefully a model-shoot or two, and the highlight of 2018, a trip to South-Africa for some serious nature-photography :)

Have a wonderful 2018!


Hi! Welcome to my page and blog. Hopefully this will be a place to inform about new shoots and show some “Behind the scenes”-photos. Let`s start off by showing you my cats. They are all Maine Coons. Meet “Ra”, “Bast” and “Anubis”. Early next year we will add “Osiris” to the collection :) 

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